Q: Can I use the same Templates for different videos or will i have to rebuy it each time?

A: If you buy a bundle once, you can use it anytime for any of your songs. There's no limitation.


Q: What is Adobe After Effects?

A: The industry-standard tool for video compositing, motion graphics design, and animation.  You need this software to use our templates. 


Q: I've never used Adobe After Effects before. Am I be able to use the template?

A: We created in-depth video tutorials to help you to do all moves step by step even if you've never used Adobe After Effects before. But if you're stucked we're always here to help!


Q: Do I have to buy the Adobe After Effects to use Lyric Catalyst bundles?

A: Yes, but Adobe has a free 7 days trial version of After Effects. You can get it from HERE:  


Q: How long does it takes to make a lyric video with this template?

A: If you're a beginner user of Adobe After Effects and if you're following the steps in our video tutorial you need maximum 2-3 hours.



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